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Tailored dreams


The project of Olive bay has been thought as the premium in every segment. Therefore, in order to realize the projects of the future owners in the most efficient way, satisfying highest standards of construction, we have appointed a team of experts in every field of development process. Our aim is to enable the buyer to choose the site, appoint architect, construction and project management company, to run entire process of villa construction on his behalf and provide best possible “turn key” service. The planning and construction process should take not more than one year.



Katja Dešković represents one of the most talented Croatian designers. Born in Split, she understands the traditional design elements and culture, that is exactly what drawn the attention to her studio. The ability to combine tradition with modern materials and architectural styles brought her awards in design, but also the license of the Croatian Ministry of Culture for designing on cultural heritage. Her team is also quite versatile with works in residential architecture and interior design, both hotel and public architecture and interior design, and also competitions for public and residential architecture. Katja’s touch is recognizable and modern, respecting the client’s ideas and creating a unique solution tailored to fulfill one’s dreams.



Art project is Construction Company with more than 10 years experience on the Dalmatian market. We provide top quality building service including construction of new buildings, renovation and adaptation of the residential and commercial premises. Our references include construction of the high-end villa on Šolta Island, renovation of the historical buildings in Split city center and on the Brač Island as well as finishing and landscaping works on various properties, paying special attention on our customer’s wishes and carefully working on every aspect of the construction process. Our team of professionals is able to handle all expectations from our clients following highest standard procedures in terms of materials used in construction process, timing and finalization of the process.



HEROS is a forward thinking company dedicated to providing an excellent level of customer service for design and construction. The team at Heros has highly qualified employees led by an experienced energetic team that covers every segment of building a new home. The architects take a traditional view to design, whilst implementing modern construction techniques and materials. The engineering team has experience of both large and small projects and is well-versed to take a hands-on approach to the supply chain and Contract Management as well as Building Control ensuring that customer receives a cost effective project. Designing and building an individual project is a special moment for the client, so having a trusted partner, expert in property design and construction and entirely conversant with client’s views and needs, is the essence of success.



The architectural firm AALTO realizes architectural and design projects, supervision and consulting included. By merging tradition and contemporary architecture, the working team composed of young fresh minds and experienced experts, interprets and gives tribute to the past and provides contemporary solutions suitable and adjusted to concept of modern living in Mediterranean setting. The final project, firmly respecting tradition and identity of the regional surrounding is a result of synthesis of the perception of various professions and experiences. The rich portfolio of projects that vary from architecture, urbanism and interior designs speaks for itself, reflecting the capability of the company to meet the highest client’s expectations.