Hvar Olive Bay location

Public transport

- 15 min by European Coastal Airlines (ECA); Split – Jelsa (4-7/day)

- 55 min by Passenger Speed Boat; Split – Hvar (2-5/day)

- 120 min by Car Ferry; Stari Grad – Split (5-8/day)

- 30 min by Car Ferry; Sućuraj – Drvenik (5-11/day)

- 100 min by Passenger Speed Boat; Split-Jelsa (seasonal)

- Car Ferry Stari Grad – Ancona, Italy (seasonal)

- Car Ferry service to Dubrovnik and Rijeka

- Taxi and bus service available on Island

On demand transport

- 15 min by European Coastal Airlines (ECA); Split – Jelsa

- 20 min by Helicopter service from Airport Split to Stari Grad

- 50 min by Water taxi from Airport Split to Olive Bay

- 45 min by Water taxi from Split town to Olive Bay

- Water taxi available on demand

- Car, scooter, 4x4, boat, etc. rental available in Stari Grad

Destination Hvar


Some call it a Sunny island, some call it the Croatian St.Tropez, some simply use the Greek rooted name For. But whatever you call it, Hvar has been selected as one of the ten nicest islands of the world. It has always been a magnet; remains of Neolithic culture speak about it, as well as a status of touristic destination one doesn’t want to miss today. Once a Venetian harbor, today it welcomes mega yachts with the elite guests on board. The reasons for stellar status of Hvar is rich cultural heritage with three UNESCO protected sites, united with natural beauties, authentic cuisine and world famous wine makers, also mixing with ‘posh parties’ during the summer time. But the main reason why Hvar is so special is simple – the quality of life, that remained here from the Ancient times until today. You can see it written on every stone, feel it in the lavender fields, listen to it in the old people’s voice, even taste it... You can live it in the Olive bay.

About Stari Grad


Founded by the Greeks 2400 years ago, Stari Grad is a beautiful maze of stone houses filled with restaurants and shops, steeped in history and tradition. The historic center of Stari Grad is one of the oldest settlements in Europe and its ancient agricultural plain is placed on UNESCO World Heritage List. The town sits at the bottom of Stari Grad Bay, a perfect natural harbor with an excellent microclimate and crystal clear waters. Protected from strong winds, especially from Jugo and Bura, the Bay is the best harbor in the area with new Riva and mooring with 100 berths. The Bay and the surrounding area contain endless small natural bays and coves ideal for all types of water activities. The seafront walkway under the shade of pine trees offers a view of beautiful sunsets while the incredible peacefulness and scent of the past can be felt through the streets of the old town. Very intense flavors come from Stari Grad’s Plain, starogrojski paprenjok (traditional pastry), lavender pastry or some of the area’s precious wines. With its old buildings and pleasantly waterfront, Stari Grad has resisted the changes for centuries. It offers peace and quiet and it is a perfect town for living - a town tailored for humans.